This document is dedicated to MRT new users. MRT hardware card is well produced along with powerful software. But if there is no practical use of MRT or lack of basic knowledge related to firmware structure; When facing a large number of manuals and

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This document is from MRTLab Purchase products please go to: Chinese version: English version: Tutorial download link: 1. The fu

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When a HDD with malfunctions connects to MRT hardware card, users can deal with the HDD with the help of MRT software. At that moment, the HDD is isolated with Windows OS, that is, this HDD will not be seen in the OS. However, sometimes we need to de

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Download link of DAO engine: DAO component is a database engine provided by Microsoft. It is mainly used for connecting and accessing database. MRT also uses DAO engine to access database. Usua

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1. You don't need to open and install MrtSetup.exe, just right click the installment program and unzip it to current folder, you will see a folder named mrtlab. Double clickMrtin this folder,then MRT software can be used. ============================

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1. Binding For user who use MRT software for the first time, they need to provide the serial number of product and user name to MRT Lab for binding. Serial Number: Check the white label on MRT card. User Name: Registrated on website http://vip.mrtlab

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When running MRT Pro in Windows XP English Version, there will be error Selected collating sequence not supported by the operating system. This is caused by the lack of Chinese language pack. The solution to this problem is to install Chinese support

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This video tutorial aims to show users the software installation process of MRT Pro. The installation includes 5 steps: Download, Unzip, Install VC runtime, Install MRT driver, Install MRT main program. To guarantee successful installation, users sho

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