In the article WD 2.1.7.x Firmware Unlocking Tutorial MRT demonstrates the procedure and introduces the application method of MRT ROM Programmer 3.0. The link is as below: Now let s officially have a cl

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MRT Ultra 2.0 hardware will be released within this week. The new hardware is improved and upgraded based on MRT Ultra and is called MRT Ultra 2.0. It shares a similar hardware specification with MRT Ultra and its data duplication and firmware read

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Appearance of the product: Features: 1. Inherit the common features of the previous terminal adapter 2. Support the baud rate of 3M and 6M of Seagate drives especially rosewood series 3. Support voltage self-adaption(1.8V 2.5V 3.3V) 4. Su

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When using Winonws10,some Win10 OS force enabling Secure Boo t in BIOS, the MRT driver will not load properly if it has not been digitally signed by Microsoft WHQL. This is the reason why some Win10 users cant install the MRT driver correctly. How t

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This document is dedicated to MRT new users. MRT hardware card is well produced along with powerful software. But if there is no practical use of MRT or lack of basic knowledge related to firmware structure; When facing a large number of manuals an

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This article will demonstrate the complete installation of the MRT Express two-port card, MRT Ultra five-port card and associated equipment in video, with examples of terminal connection errors. 1.MRT hardware equipment display http://info.mrtlab.c

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Last time we introduce a method about mounting a disk to OS so that we can use third-party tools to recover user files.Please refer to this link: In this article we are going to introduce another method

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Part 1 Mount disk to OS When a HDD with malfunctions connects to MRT hardware card, users can deal with the HDD with the help of MRT software. At that moment, the HDD is isolated with Windows OS, that is, this HDD will not be seen in the OS. However

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