For the translator issue related to the AS2258 controller, we need to follow the following steps: Step 1: Confirm the controller. For unfamiliar controller m

Posted at 2023-10-11 by Admin

The Kingston A400 SATA ssd has been a very popular entry-level product in the past few years. Due to its use of the Phison controller and its positioning as an

Posted at 2023-9-27 by Admin

From the realistic feedback of some users we find that some ssds may encounter ID detection anormaly even if it is a good drive. Today we are about to introduc

Posted at 2023-1-17 by Admin

This is a real case for showing the entire procedure of solution to SM2258XT case. Here we should have a concept about the basic strategy of solving SM2258XT c

Posted at 2022-2-10 by Admin

The tutorial will demonstrate how to create virtual translator by manual way for SM2258XT in the form of video. As a matter of fact, this method requires colle

Posted at 2021-3-2 by Admin

Dear customers, With the increase of users demand for ssd functions,MRT decided to invest a lot of manpower and material resources on ssd in the later stage to

Posted at 2019-11-5 by Admin
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