Firmware Unlock for Seagate HDDs

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Some new models of Seagate HDDs, such as DM001, DM003, as well as triangle-board HDDs, have a firmware lock. For HDDs with a firmware lock, users can enter the T level, but can not perform any terminal commands, or can only perform a few commands of viewing information.  Writing and modifying commands can not be executed. Diagnostic Port Locked is displayed when users try to execute a terminal command, and users will see the prompt to confirm the existence of the firmware lock.

Firmware lock is set by Seagate manufacturers in order to prevent refurbished HDDs, which, however, brings obstacles to data recovery . A hard disk with a firmware lock can not perform most of the terminal commands, and can not read the module list with PC3000 or MRT tools. It is not possible to rebuild the translator and can not do any factory operations.

Firmware lock features:
1. Terminal commands can not be executed, indicating Diagnostic Port Locked
2. With other data recovery tools users can not load the module list, read the module, read and write in the service area, or do any factory operations, either.
There is no way to deal with a hard disk with a firmware lock before, but now we finally find a way to unlock the firmware. After unlocking the firmware, the HDD can perform all the terminal commands; users can read and write modules, access the service area, and perform all factory operations.

Tutorial download link:

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