MRT ROM Programmer 3.0 for WD Unlocking

In the article WD 2.1.7.x Firmware Unlocking Tutorial MRT demonstrates the procedure and introduces the application method of MRT ROM Programmer 3.0. The link is as below:


Now lets officially have a clear knowledge of this product.

The main circuit design style inherits from MRT programmer 2.0 at visual aspect. However, MRT programmer 3.0 was designed as more complex circuit due to a newly added feature. We can visually see there are more components and at upper right corner there is a separate terminal pins interface.

The terminal pins interface is exclusively designed for ROM reading. Why is that? Because WD firmware lock results into a quite headache problem that it will forbid any availability to access firmware data including ROM and SA data.

Before MRT unlocking scheme was released, we could only manage to purchase extra unlocked PCB to help access SA data. This method is not friendly to our wallets.

And another big problem, appearing in latest 8000xx USB series or laptop series, is that there will be data encryption when not using native PCB. This happens so frequently in current market. In addition, the module 190 (the secondary translator) issue will cause all data 00 malfunction.

That is to say, we should not only solve data encryption, but also try to figure out how to resolve 190 issue. Now we have already known that the encryption algorithm relates to native data in PCB. So the problem we are facing is how to unlock firmware lock in native board.


A good news is that MRT has creatively overcame the challenge in latest version To cooperate with the unlocking feature, we specifically redesign the programmer and make it possible to use flying line method to read ROM data by non-desoldering method. That is MRT ROM Programmer 3.0.


How about support list of WD PCB versions?

Currently, MRT supports the below PCB versions:

SATA board: 800065 800066 800077 810011

USB board: 800067 800069


How to use MRT programmer 3.0 to unlock WD ROM ?

Notice: WD ROM unlocking requires MRT programmer 3.0. It should be realized by WD ROM tool.

We provide 2 ways:

① Desolder ROM chip and put ROM chip onto ROM slot. For safety, we strongly recommend to make a ROM backup first in ROM programmer tools, shown as below:




Here we can see that programmer utility has detected the type that belongs to version 3.0. In the article WD 2.1.7.x Firmware Unlocking Tutorial we share a document, in which it records accumulative information about ROM size of each PCB version:

800022/41 - 512 KB

800065/67 - 1024KB

800066/69 - 1024KB

800077 - 1024KB

810011 - 1024KB

810035 - 512K


The next step is to choose corresponding size and save ROM data as file.




Then we should choose the right family and try to unlock ROM via WD ROM tool:


Here should choose From Mrt programmer and then wait for process done.

Attention: From the file is not available to unlock ROM currently.


② The second method of unlocking ROM is relatively more complicated than the former one. That main difference is the connection method of ROM pins on PCB.

The article WD 2.1.7.x Firmware Unlocking Tutorial has introduced the method about how to connect ROM pins to programmer terminal pins without desoldering ROM chip, but with soldering wires.


The wire connection between terminal pins and ROM pins requires confirmation of ROM pins on the back of PCB, for example:



After we unlock the ROM, we should connect terminal device so that we can send the command of exchange commands and unlock to finish entire unlocking procedure.


Above all is the introduction about MRT programmer 3.0. Thank you for your concern and support!

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