This video demonstrates 3 ways to do file image with MRT Pro - Data Explorer. File image is the process of backing up data.-- backing up data to a donor disk. You can process the data in donor disk without causing effect to original data. File Image:

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[Scene Description] Use FILE IMAGE as the target device for data recovery mirroring in DE (or DR). Change the initial LBA in the mirroring process. Then continue mirroring. In some cases, available system memory loss or even suspended animation may o

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USB File System Data in USB could be divided into 5 parts according to different features and functions: MBR area, DBR area, FAT area, FDT area and DATA area. Main boot record

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Windows File System 1. Windows FSD structure File System Driver of Windows 2000/XP can be divided in local FSD and remote FSD. Local FSD: allow users to access data on the local computer - FSD is responsible to the local I / O manager register y

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$ SDS data stream Offset Size Description 0x00 4 Hash of Security Descriptor 0x04

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System Files Unlike fixed data block FAT/FAT32 partition layout, NTFS volumes all data files stored in a manner, including boot records and catalogs volumes of important data (important data in the block is called NTFS volume system files), so it a

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File attribute record Each record in the file is composed of attributes. Each property constituted by the same format, the first is a standard attribute of the recording head, and then store the property-specific data. Listed below are available

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NTFS File System Specification Basic data types MFT file record Documentation is an essential part of the $ MFT file, all files in the volume by at least one documented to describe, for the use of multiple files recorded file, its first re

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