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1. The function of Mount Task in DE is to mount a common DE task to host system as a physical disk , which can work with any disk operating software . Now we will demonstrate such a process.

2. DE has a very powerful error handling function, and we can deal with the error with the strategy of DE settings. Users can select read from active MRT Utility to mount task, which is also powerful . There is a example of the application. Users can use select to mount WD encrypted USB disk, then use third-party software to operate the USB disk and decrypt the data .Now we will demonstrate such a process.

3. in short, the function is very simple but powerful. It’s very convenient for users that this function can mount and uninstall continuously and switch MRT to third-party software as they want. Now we can demonstrate such a process.
The read-only mode of this function is also very unique. Usually if there is 55AA in first sector , it will be slack in a long time when users select read-only to mount task. But this time, DE mount function solve this problem. It is very smooth to mount task with this function.

4. Complete demonstration of DE mount task.

Tutorial download link:

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