It may be necessary to short-circuit in the process of repairing a Seagate hard drive, aiming to make the disk has the access to enter T level, and this is the traditional way to repair Seagate hard drives. However, it is time-consuming along with lo

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June6 th ,2018 MRT2123version, version: Upgrade the driver of Ultra, optimize the size of buffer Increase system stability This is a paid version. WD utility, upgrade to Add USB decryption type of SW6316XTS (1927) Add support to new fa

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MRT data recovery software has been updated to a new official version on June 6th, 2018, and the new version number: Download link: Both Ultra and Express can download from the address above. This update is premium. New

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Dear MRT Users, It is hereby announced that in order to further strengthen and enhance the service quality of MRT Laboratory, improve our service efficiency, set up the communication channel between MRT users and MRT laboratorys senior leaders, and i

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Currently, MRT Laboratory has two main hardware products, they are MRT Express (single-board, 2 SATA+1 IDE hardware card) and MRT Ultra (dual-board, 4 SATA+1 IDE hardware card). MRT Laboratory released MRT Pro(dual-board, 2 SATA+1 IDE hardware card)

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The fifth MRT international HDD Repair Data Recovery seminar was successfully held in Iran on February 16, 2017. This seminar last for 4 days which included explanation of theory of HDD repair and data recovery, and practice of how to do HDD repair a

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The tenth MRT Training Session was held in Wuhan, China, on April 18. MRT users from all around China and even South Korea took part in this session. The session lasted for 5 days, aiming to help MRT customers learn to solve the problems about HDD re

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MRT Ultra is a new design of MRT Lab launched with brand new framework. Which the first data recovery tool to adopt PCIE2.0 interface in the world. MRT Ultra is dedicated for high quality, high speed and perfect user experience, which can be classifi

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