At the beginning of 2024, we introduced to you a phased research outcome a compact and stylish programmer expansion tool. For more details, please refer to: New Idea! Demonstration of Phase Achievements of MRT Expansion Tool :

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Dear MRT users: Please note that MRT will be closed from 7 th to 17 th Feb . for Chinese New Year holiday . Normal work will be resumed on 18 th Feb (Sunday) . Please contact the sales before Feb r uary 6 th if you have any demands for product pur

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Dear MRT users: The MRT Firmware Laboratory will conduct server data migration activities from 6:00-8:00 am (UTC+8:00 Beijing time) , in total 2 hours, on November 29, 2023. At that time, the MRT server will temporarily be unable to provide related

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Following the previous Chinese announcement in advance of MRT SATA Signal Equalizer, it has been several months, during which we encountered some challenges. However, good things come to those who wait, and today we are excited to announce the offici

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Dear MRT Users: Thank you for your support and company to MRT as always. The traditional Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Our office will be closed from 22nd to 24th, June. We will be back on 25th,June (Sunday) Please contact us as belowin advanc

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MRT has been upgraded to the latest official version, and the new version number is The download address of the new version is: Both Express and Ultra download software from the above address Thi

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With the arrival of Chinese New Year, MRT will be in holiday from 21st to 30thJan. MRT wish you a happy Spring Festival!

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Dear customers, With the increase of users demand for SSD functions,MRT decided to invest a lot of manpower and material resources on SSD in the later stage to better meet the majority of users demand for SSD. Now MRT decided to fully adjust SSD mod

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