At the beginning of 2024, we introduced to you a phased research outcome a compact and stylish programmer expansion tool. For more details, please refer to: Ne

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In the previous tutorial WD 2.1.9.x Firmware Unlock Programmer Solution , we introduced the unlocking method for all 800 series Western Digital hard drives wit

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Let's take a look at this photo: We have labeled ROM_1 and ROM_2, which are actually two non-conventional ROM chips. In the Seagate enterprise-level hard drive

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Dear mrt users: The mrt Firmware Laboratory will conduct server data migration activities from 6:00-8:00 am (UTC+8:00 Beijing time) , in total 2 hours, on Nove

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This article will update all tutorials for mrt 2.1.9.x versions, for the following main reasons: 1. Fixed tutorial link provides a more intuitive display of al

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