Dear mrt users: The mrt Firmware Laboratory will conduct server data migration activities from 6:00-8:00 am (UTC+8:00 Beijing time) , in total 2 hours, on Nove

Posted at 2023-11-27 by Admin

This article will update all tutorials for mrt 2.1.9.x versions, for the following main reasons: 1. Fixed tutorial link provides a more intuitive display of al

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Posted at 2023-9-28 by Admin

The mrt SATA Signal Equalizer is divided based on the PCB number of Western Digital USB hard drives, and users need to purchase the corresponding version of the

Posted at 2023-8-12 by Admin

Following the previous Chinese announcement in advance of mrt SATA Signal Equalizer, it has been several months, during which we encountered some challenges. Ho

Posted at 2023-8-11 by Admin

T he article has accumulated more information about WD PCB, including the details as to the relevance between USB board and SATA board especially for the board

Posted at 2022-10-7 by Admin
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