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MRT is a high technology hard disk repair and data recovery product that developed by MRT Laboratory. The product includes hardware and software. The MRT SATA controller of hardware could connects two HDDs which need to be repaired. Through particular hardware technology, it makes HDD works in factory model, open all operation authorities so that you can visit firmware part and microcode and then repair HDD in factory level. Shunxue Chen, the initiator of MRT laboratory, has a deep research for HDD firmware system. MRT laboratory devoted to the research and development of the solution of data recovery for many years, and now it has mature technology and extensive products. At present, MRT supports HDD series included all series of Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Fujitsu and so on. It can operates the HDD in factory level, for example, kill head, repair bad sectors, edit firmware module and so on. The built-in DE utility can be used in data recovery field, it provide image from breakdown disk, file system analysis and many other functions so that it could pick up data from breakdown HDD. MRT Pro, the newest edition of MRT, is on sale now. It has the introduction of the product, the usage methods and the purchase procedures in this page. Your support is our maximum power!
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