MRT Product -- Introduction of MRT New Terminal Adapter 2019.03

Appearance of the product:



1. Inherit the common features of the previous terminal adapter

2. Support the baud rate of 3M and 6M of Seagate drives especially rosewood series

3. Support voltage self-adaption(1.8V 2.5V 3.3V)

4. Support manual mode by exposing respective pins for each voltage

5. Improve the compatibility with recently released drives which the previous adapter is incapable of terminal access


Appearance of the old single-core terminal adaptor:



Comparison video of serial port transfer speed :


Software buttons linked to new adapter:

 Set baud rate/voltage             Reset voltage


We added a bunch of new buttons designed for new adapter in version, such as Set baud rate/voltage and Reset voltage buttons which are again renovated in version

For the convenience of use, the device will auto-detect the working environment and turn to a proper voltage for the target drive as soon as the device has been connected to the drive.

The option for baud rate of 3M and 6M has been added for specific families.

To find out whether the family is compatible with the said baud rate, it is necessary to ensure the drive has been unlocked, after which we can obtain the baud rate info by entering B11 or B with a random digit under T level.


 The baud rates supported are listed in the log displayed in terminal. Baud rate of 3M and 6M is most likely supported by rosewood drives and other recently produced drives.

Definition of baud rate:

The baud rate is the rate at which information is transferred in a communication channel in the form of binary numbers

In other words , the bits transferred per second. 6M means the data is transferred at a rate of 6000000 bits per second. 1 byte is equal to 8 bits, that is 6Mbit/s=750000bytes/s.The higher the baud rate, the faster the transmission speed ,thus the better the user experience.

Development of the new adapter:

The final design of the new adapter went through 6 revisions. The idea of improving the available adapters to boost the speed was derived from the performance test specific to the stability and compatibility of the adapters.

During the test we found out rosewood drives are capable of using baud rate 3M and 6M, but unfortunately there was no appropriate adaptor in the our product list which supported such baud rate at that time. In addition to baud rate compatibility, there are also drives that adopt new PCB deployment resulting to no response from terminal when sending usual commands to the drive. We,therefore,infer that the phenomenons observed from rosewood could be more frequent on drives produced hereafter.

So we endeavor to improve the compatibility and cope with those new difficulties in order to make the software more friendly and convenient to our users.

By detailed investigation we reforged the printed board of adapter with new chips so that the product can be more compatible under various working environments.

The prototype during the development is shown below:



Here we can see some differences on the layout of components.

The above is the introduction of the new terminal adapter.

Thanks for your concern and support! Technical Skype contact info: live:mrtpro_1


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