Operating Procedures of MRT Paid Version Software Upgrade

Upgrade of MRT data recovery software will no longer be toll-free from November 12, 2017. User needs to extract an upgrade code in the user center before using MRT software which is released after November 12, 2017. Extract an upgrade code will charge an upgrade fee, thanks for your support to MRT all the time!

Below are some related issues about MRT paid version software upgrade and the specific operating procedures:


How much is the software upgrade fee?

For example:

Express: 150$ / upgrade

Ultra: 160$ / upgrade

Ultra 2.0: 160$ / upgrade

Attention: If a user has opened our SSD module, due to the program of HDD module and SSD module working in the same MRT software,there will be 40$ more of upgrade fee shown in your account. The actual upgrade fee can vary due to price adjustment.


How can we get a toll-free software upgrade?

Each new user can get six-month free software upgrade period after buying a new card.

Note: The six-month free period is calculated from the date of activating MRT device in user centre.If the user does not extract the upgrade code during the free period, the free chance will expire. So please remember to extract the upgrade code during your free period.

In addition, users can upgrade to the latest version of the software free of charge within 15 days after the paid upgrade.

For example, users paid update from to on August 5, which gives them a 15-day free period.If MRT releases the latest version of on August 18,users will be able to upgrade to the latest version of 2.1.3.x free of charge for 15 days.


What is the definition of MRT software version number?

Example: MRT version 2.1.A.x

The prefix 2.1 will remain unchanged.

The third digit A indicates the number of paid upgrades, such as this paid upgrade is 2.1.1.x, the next charge upgrade will be 2.1.2.x.

During paid software upgrades, there will also be some small free upgrades,which is represented by the fourth digit x.


Can software upgrade skip certain upgrade version (skip one specific version to its later version)?

If we want to skip certain upgrade and upgrade to next chargeable version, will the cost be same?

Can I run a lower version software after upgrading to a higher version?

The answers are YES. MRT is very flexible on these parts, without any restrictions.

For example, a user is using version released 2 chargeable upgrade versions like and

Now he wants to upgrade to latest version just needs pay one time of upgrade fee.

Besides,he still can use and versions.


Can online version software be upgraded? How about repair version?

Can we keep using current version all the time?

How to get the currently used software version?

Software upgrade is the function upgrade in software level, not directly related to online version or repair version.Whatever version of MRT card you are using, it is able to upgrade software version except MRT Pro card because the hardware level does not support many new features in new update.

Surely,users can keep current version forever if they dont want to upgrade to any new version.

As to how to get current available version we can use,we can log on our MRT account and refer to the card information in My Devices.Just put mouse on serial number.


How to upgrade the software?

1.Users can download the latest software package in “MRT Software Download and Upgrade Log” interface. Download link:





2.Click OK, there will pop up the upgrade hardware card dialog box:  

Operating Procedures of MRT Paid Version Software Upgrade


3.Then we need to log into MRT user center:


Path: "My Devices -> Upgrade -> Software version upgrade" as shown in the picture:

Operating Procedures of MRT Paid Version Software Upgrade



4.Click "Next" to verify the upgrade information.

You can see the upgrade cost of TAWG3006 is 0, because this card is purchased within six months, so the upgrade is free. 

If the purchase date is more than six month, click Submit to extract the upgrade code, the corresponding software upgrade costs will be deducted from the account.

So please ensure enough balance in your account or you can contact our sale for official operation of upgrade after paying the amount with sharing us with detailed transaction. 

 Operating Procedures of MRT Paid Version Software Upgrade


 Operating Procedures of MRT Paid Version Software Upgrade

 5.We copy and paste the upgrade code to the dialog box, as shown below:

 Operating Procedures of MRT Paid Version Software Upgrade

Click "upgrade", when it appears the notice of "hardware card upgrade success", our software upgrade is completed. 

 Operating Procedures of MRT Paid Version Software Upgrade

6.If we want to know the highest version our hardware can use, we can inquire in the user center of MRT official website. Find "My Devices" and move the mouse to "recharge / full / month" column.Then we can find the highest software version of the hardware card, click "Download ", we can download the corresponding highest version of this card.

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