Novice Series -- P0 Must-read Document for MRT New Users

This document is dedicated to MRT new users.

MRT hardware card is well produced along with powerful software. But if there is no practical use of MRT or lack of basic knowledge related to firmware structure; When facing a large number of manuals and tutorial materials, new users will get a lot of obstacles and confusion.

This document is a must-read article, it covers the contents about basic knowledge and basic operation of MRT data recovery software, the installation process of MRT hardware & software, and the detailed instruction manuals for each utility. Detailed and easy to understand contents can help new users to lay a solid basic foundation, which is very useful for beginners to catch up. The following are recommended must-read tutorials for MRT new users: 


Chapter One: MRT Basic Tutorials

Download link:

This tutorial explains the basic knowledge and basic operation of MRT data recovery software, explains some of the commonly used menus in software, explains some basic concepts in the field of data recovery, and explains the structure of hard disk firmware. To make it easy to understand for beginners, this tutorial uses a lot of illustrations to explain.


Chapter Two: Installation Process of Hardware & Software 

1. Installation of MRT Hardware Card 

Tutorial link:

This document describes the installation process of MRT hardware in the form of video, as well as how to eliminate common problems during installation to help users install and use MRT smoothly.


2. Installation of MRT Software

Tutorial link:

This document describes the installation process of MRT software.


3. MRT Binding & Activation Tutorial

Tutorial link:

This document describes what is needed for binding your card serial number with user name and how to activate MRT software by yourself. 


4. Tips for MRT Use

Tutorial link: 

This article introduces some tips or skills that we may not pay attention to.It will help you increase use efficiency of MRT software.


5. Instructions of Mounting Disk to OS

Tutorial link:


6. Instructions of Mounting Task to OS in Data Explorer

Tutorial link:


Chapter Three: User's Guide of MRT Software and HDD Repair Materials

Material link:

This page includes user's guide of MRT software and technology materials of repairing HDD and recovering data.We provide tutorials in different forms such as video,article,document in this page. It illustrated the basic functions and usage of MRT, the basic materials you may need during data recovery, some solutions for special malfunctions. It provides lots of materials in data recovery, explains the principle of data recovery, how to use DE tools of MRT to extract data and other common operate methods and skills. It will help you get started quickly and recover data in practical.

Here we recommend to read DE manual so that we at least are able to understand the basic data extraction operations via MRT:

The above is all for this must-read document, and we hope this document can help MRT new users get familiar with both MRT hardware and software as soon as possible; and lay a solid foundation for future HDD repair and data recovery cases. 

MRT Laboratory wish all the new users to win speedy success and to have a brisk business!

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