Detailed Installation Process of MRT: ③ Installation of Application

After installation of MRT card driver is completed, you need to install MRT application.
Installation of MRT application is very simple: run MrtSetup.exe in installation package, then follow the prompts on it.

In fact, MRT is a green software. It does not modify the registry, nor does it release files to system directory. MrtSetup.exe is a package of self-extracting format created by WinRar. So you can unzip MRT folder by directly running this file or using WinRar. For subsequent upgrades and clean installation, you can right click on the MrtSetup.exe file and select "Extract to current folder" to extract MRT application directory. As is shown in the picture:

Detailed Installation Process of MRT: ③ Installation of Application

If you open MrtSetup.exe with WinRar, you can see a folder named Mrt2013 in the package. This folder contains all the files needed to run MRT. As long as this folder is extracted to HDD, MRT can run.
After unzipping, you can find Mrt.exe of the main program in folder Mrt2013. If you run MrtSetup.exe directly to install, there will generates a shortcut icon on the desktop which points to Mrt.exe. You can start main program of MRT by running it.
At this time, if MRT cannot be started, it may because there is no required VC runtime for installation. There is VCRedist_x86_2008_SP1.exe in the package which is the VC runtime. You can run it to install the runtime. Then Mrt.exe can be started.

When starting up, main program of MRT will search for a file named MrtKey.txt in the current directory. This is the registration code file. If it was not found, the dialog box of requiring to import registration code will pop out. There will surely be no MrtKey.txt file when the application runs for the first time. So MRT will pop out the dialog box of registration code. As is shown in the picture:

Detailed Installation Process of MRT: ③ Installation of Application

The upper box shows the native machine code. The user should fill in the registration code in the lower box.
 Machine code contains hardware information of the machine. It is used to bind MRT to the registered computer. Machine code extracted by MRT mainly contains the following hardware information: HDD serial number, CPU serial number, motherboard serial number and network card serial number. That is to say, as long as you do not change the above hardware of computer, the machine code will not change, then you do not need to re-register.
There may be multiple HDDs on the computer. MRT is always bound to the HDD it resides, ie the HDD Mrt.exe file resides. For example, the machine has two HDDs, there are partitions C, D, E on HDD 0 and partitions F, G, H on HDD 1. If MRT is installed in D , then it will be bound to HDD 0. Duplicating MRT Installation folder, ie folder Mrt2013 on C, D, E partitions will not lead to change of machine code. Actually, MRT can even be installed on flash disk. But due to it is also bound to CPU and motherboard, etc., the flash disk cannot move between multiple computers. Additionally, do not install MRT on RAID. By doing this, MRT cannot extract the correct serial number of RAID and it will lead to MRT unable to be registered and activated.

After dialog box of registration code pops out, the user should enter the registration code. Where does the registration code come from? We have established a MRT user center website where users can get the registration code. Registration code is calculated based on the machine code by a certain algorithm calculated. That is to say, every machine code corresponds to the unique registration code. If the machine code changes, the old registration code will be invalid. Then a new registration code should be calculated.

On receiving MRT product, the user needs to register a user name at the user center website:
Registering user name is to ensure better access to aftersales service of MRT, such as the downloading of MRT internal teaching materials. Users can login with their user name to access these resources. In addition, user center is also the database of national data recovery company directory. Users who register and fill in the detailed information of their company will be included in our database to facilitate potential customers to see the information of their companies and facilitate mutual business introduction among peers. For example, if a user in Wuhan needs to do a HDD data recovery, then he can login our website and search for the brief introduction and contact information of data recovery companies in Wuhan.
After registering the user name in user center, please contact the vendor by phone or QQ for user name binding. We only need the serial number of MRT product (there is serial number on the tag attached on back of MRT card) and user name you registered. After binding, there is affiliation between MRT product of this serial number and the corresponding user name.
After binding, the user can login user center website, and then click "Product Activation" on the right navigation bar to get the registration code. As is shown in

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