seagate's new family of products in recent years increasingly restricts access to ROM data in Bootcode mode. Additionally, there is a binding relationship betwe

Posted at 2023-10-25 by Admin

1.When sorting out the faults collected in recent months, we found that some new seagate models have a totally new firmware lock with firmware version EB01 , c

Posted at 2019-12-23 by Admin

Video download link MRT software has optimizedits head shield functionin its recent software upgradewhich

Posted at 2018-9-28 by Admin

It may be necessary to short-circuit in the process of repairing a seagate hard drive, aiming to make the disk has the access to enter T level, and this is the

Posted at 2018-6-29 by Admin

seagate LM series hard drives, such as 8C(LM035), A5(LM048) etc., due to some specific technical reasons of them, once the operation of recalculating translator

Posted at 2018-6-8 by Admin

Full Support for seagate LM Series There are more and more seagate hard drives with firmware lock. The so-called firmware lock is that the hard drives can get a

Posted at 2018-6-8 by Admin
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