How to Rebuild ROM Module and ROM

Menu button: Test -> Work with SA -> Work with ROM -> Rebuild ROM from SA
Shortcut button on the main toolbar: Work with ROM -> Rebuild ROM from SA

Usage: When there is error or damage of ROM or ROM module data, we can read firmware of fault HDD by loading LDR or other means. We can use this function to get data from firmware and adapt new ROM and ROM module.

1. Set the storage path in advance. Generally, the default path is OK.
2. Select whether ROM or ROM module is to be adapted with the radio button in path editing box.
3. Choose the read mode of SA firmware data. You can choose Copy0 or Copy1 by selecting By Track or By ABA.
4. Press "OK" button. The program will generate new ROM and ROM module automatically.
5. If the generation succeeded. Click "Write to HDD".
6. About the log: There are several log messages at the generating of each module. As long as the last log message indicates success, the module is generated successfully.

Download link of video tutorial:

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