Decryption of USB HDDs

    For some encrypted USB HDDs with malfunction, it is not easy to recovery data from with USB native interface when there is bad track or disk is not recognized normally by system. Under these circumstances, the common solution is to change USB board to SATA board , then recovery data with firmware tool like MRT. Since the data in USB HDD is encrypted, the data read by SATA board is still encrypted. At this time, users need to use the function of USB HDD decryption.

The location of USB HDD decryption in MRT
1.In WD utility, choose Tools-> User Sector Viewer to view new sectors, there is a button of Decryption on dialog box. Click this button, a interface of decryption options will pop up. Decryption will take effect when these options are set, then users can see the decrypted data when they view sectors.
Decryption of USB HDDs

2.In Data Explorer, choose Task params -> Command to Read -> Read from active MRT Utility->USB data decryption, then the data is decrypted when users copy data or open file system.
Decryption of USB HDDs

Introduction of USB decryption settings :
Decryption of USB HDDs
The setting is easy. There is a user password box, input password if users have set it. If not, ignore it.
There is a option Try to use inbuilt USER KEY on the right of password box. It is clicked by default. It is better to click if users don’t input password.
There is a HDD KEY list in the interface. EDEK data is stored by system in encypted USB HDD. To decrypt HDD, users need to get EDEK data and combine it with user password so they will get a new KEY to obtain correct data. Click the button Auto Check under the list , EDEK data will be obtained automatically and saved as file. Next time when users want to use it, they can load from the file.
Click OK when all options are set. If click Cancel, settings will be canceled.



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