Hello everyone, I am William! This tutorial follows the WD 2.1.9.x T2 Editor with Formatting: System Explanation A , reference link: http://us.mrtlab.com/tech/wdc/362.html The tutorial will provide a comprehensive explanation on how to analyze 19

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Hello everyone, I'm William. In this tutorial, I will introduce the brand new T2 Editor guide for the Western Digital 800xx hard drive. The tutorial is based on version 2193. This tutorial is part of a series and is divided into two parts: the Firmw

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In the previous tutorial WD 2.1.9.x Firmware Unlock Programmer Solution , we introduced the unlocking method for all 800 series Western Digital hard drives with firmware lock, using a programm er and desoldering approach. This tutorial will utilize

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In the WD consumer hard d rive , the PCB number s formatted as 2060-8000xx-xxx or 2060-8100xx-xxx are the most mainstream. Most of this series have firmware lock, currently except some PCB numbers have unlocking board, and only Chinese users can get

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Compared to the previous WD USB-SATA document, this time we have updated more information: 1. Added mark of 2.5 Type-C type. 2. Added more PCB versions and families. 3. Added more color marks. 4. Added more new models. Note: unlocking R

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The MRT SATA Signal Equalizer was first launched globally in August 2023, and we have since released the latest version This article will provide you with unboxing and installation guidance for the MRT SATA Signal Equalizer. Before using it

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The MRT SATA Signal Equalizer is divided based on the PCB number of Western Digital USB hard drives, and users need to purchase the corresponding version of the product. Each version corresponds to a Western Digital PCB version: 800041-512KB 800067

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Due to the unrecoverable malfunction of demonstration drive, it is unable to remake a brand new video using MRT English version. Sorry for the Chinese interface issue when watching the video. The video demonstrated the core procedure for firmware un

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