Due to the unrecoverable malfunction of demonstration drive, it is unable to remake a brand new video using MRT English version. Sorry for the Chinese interface issue when watching the video. The video demonstrated the core procedure for firmware un

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T he article has accumulated more information about WD PCB, including the details as to the relevance between USB board and SATA board especially for the board version 800xx released in recent years. Another use is to cooperate with our new unlocki

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This article will introduce the solution for MRT version regarding module 190 failures on some disks. There are several factors that affect whether this updated 190 resolution can help recover data, so please read the tutorial document caref

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The tutorial will detail the entire procedure of WD firmware unlocking, including two part: video demonstration tutorial and document of full version . Before watching the video, we strongly recommend users to read the document in advance in order t

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T he article has updated some informationabout WD PCB, including the details as to the relevance between USB board and SATA board especially for the board version 80000xx released in recent years. Those PCB of 80000xx version can be divided into two

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For Western Digital hard drives, it often appears the situation that disk can not be ready due to long time busy status, or the disk can be ready, but when there is a data interaction, the disk turns into busy status and can not be ready again. In su

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Advanced Data Recovery Tutorial of Encrypted WD USB Drives Decryption video link of encrypted WD USB drives basing on old MRT version : http://us.mrtlab.com/video/wdcusbdecryptionen.rar Currently, WD portable hard disks adopt interface of USB

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Introduction: For some encrypted USB HDDs with malfunction, it is not easy to recovery data with native USB interface when there is any bad point or disk is not recognized normally by system. Under these circumstances, the common solution is to conve

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