Introduction: For some encrypted USB HDDs with malfunction, it is not easy to recovery data from with USB native interface when there is bad track or disk is not recognized normally by system. Under these circumstances, the common solution is to chan

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This document is from MRTLab Purchaseproductspleasegoto: Chinese version: English version: Introduction Since WD Mypassport HDDs have a strict encrypting and decrypting

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Initialize Self Test Environment -- Powerful Tool for One-click Repairing WD Download link of video tutorial : This function menu is located at Tools -Self test tools -Initialize self test environment in MRT

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Create and write LDR in WD with MRT Pro data recovery tool. In the process of WD disk repair and data recovery, we often need to load LDR. LDR can load microcode to disk memory directly. Loading LDR is used to fix the fault that disk cannot be starte

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Search SA module: This function can be used to search modules and generate new modules list when HDD tracks can be accessed but modules list inaccessible. Searched module data can be saved automatically. Hidden modules located on tracks but not liste

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The function can be used to back up firmware resources conveniently, including ROM, modules, tracks etc. These can be saved for later use, such as restoration after misoperation or fault. Download link of video tutorial:

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Write modules: Firmware of HDD mainly consists of modules. With this function, users can choose the modules they want and flash them to HDD conveniently. Write tracks: As tracks being the carrier of module, flashing tracks can also changefirmware dat

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With this function, MRT users can choose the modules they want and flash them to hard disks. Download link of video tutorial:

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