MRT User Material - WD USB-SATA 2022.10

The article has accumulated more information about WD PCB, including the details as to the relevance between USB board and SATA board especially for the board version 800xx released in recent years. 

Another use is to cooperate with our new unlocking function in latest version 2.1.8.x because we released permanent unlocking algorithm.

In addition, we added various color marks for convenience.The document is free to download and edit.

Here we recommend users to collect the details of PCB version + full model and keep updating the document. In accordance to our collection, the family of new 800xx series relates to PCB version and complete model very much.

It is relatively easier to distinguish previous products especially 77xxxx PCB series. As to 800xx series, the situation become more complicated:

We will be easy to find highly approximate model but with inconsistent PCB versions. Or the family is different even though PCB version is identical and model is highly close. A valid method is to compare the appearance of PCB and disk label with those of approximate models to find compatible family and then try firmware unlocking.

Why we need to distinguish like this?

The core reason is to help users try firmware unlocking in 2.1.8.x. From our experiment and test MRT can support a lot of new models and PCB versions, although they belong to new family. This part relies on personal test.

Moreover, family and PCB version will help us confirm the ROM size. Correct ROM size + original ROM file is needed for MRT firmware unlocking in latest 2.1.8.x version.

The figure below lists part of the board version relevance. For more details, please refer to the document uploaded:

Download link of document: WD USB-SATA 2022

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