MRT SATA Signal Equalizer New Animation

The MRT SATA Signal Equalizer is divided based on the PCB number of Western Digital USB hard drives, and users need to purchase the corresponding version of the product. Each version corresponds to a Western Digital PCB version:








Currently, mainstream Western Digital USB products are divided by capacity, including 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB/5TB. There are two interface types: USB and Type-C. 

USB interface drives are more common in the market. The USB board numbers corresponding to each capacity are 1TB-800069, 2TB-800067, and 4/5TB-800041/810035. Among them, 800041 is an early PCB version, and 810035 is a new PCB version. Most other PCB versions are upgrade or improvement versions, created to meet the different consumer positioning and product demands.

For example, 810003 is a Type-C high-speed interface version optimized and adjusted based on the 800067 USB product.

According to the market share, we recommend the following PCB versions:

80069 - 1TB

800067 - 2TB

800041 - 3/4/5TB

810035 - 3/4/5TB

The following video demonstrates the SATA signal equalizer version with PCB number 800067. The SATA signal equalizers with other board numbers use the same connection method.

Please watch the following video animation demonstration:




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