June6 th ,2018 mrt2123version, version: Upgrade the driver of Ultra, optimize the size of buffer Increase system stability This is a paid version. WD uti

Posted at 2018-6-8 by Admin

mrt data recovery software has been updated to a new official version on June 6th, 2018, and the new version number: Download link: us.mrtlab.com/downloa

Posted at 2018-6-8 by Admin

Currently, mrt Laboratory has two main hardware products, they are mrt Express (single-board, 2 SATA+1 IDE hardware card) and mrt Ultra (dual-board, 4 SATA+1 ID

Posted at 2017-12-19 by Admin

This document is dedicated to mrt new users. mrt hardware card is well produced along with powerful software. But if there is no practical use of mrt or lack

Posted at 2017-12-15 by Admin

mrt Lab held data recovery online training course on December 12 2017. This session gained an active attention from many global applicants after six days of new

Posted at 2017-12-14 by Admin

mrt Data Recovery Online Training Course Second Part mrt will launch international online training course on December 18th, 2017 with mrt users increasing ex

Posted at 2017-12-13 by Admin
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