mrt software is upgraded to 20160528 version on May 28, 2016. The version number is The download address of the new English version is http://us.mrtlab

Posted at 2016-7-13 by Admin

mrtsoftwareisupgradedto20160528versiononMay28,2016.Theversionnumberis2.0.4.9.ThedownloadaddressofthenewEnglishversionis . Andthis

Posted at 2016-6-1 by Admin

mrtSecond International HDD Repair Data Recovery Seminar will be held in Wuhan in September. Teaching theory combined with practicing will be conducted in the s

Posted at 2016-5-31 by Admin

The tenth mrt Training Session was held in Wuhan, China, on April 18. mrt users from all around China and even South Korea took part in this session. The sessio

Posted at 2016-4-28 by Admin

Video Tutorial of mrt Seagate F3 Shielding Head Download link of video tutorial : Released Date: Feb. 22th, 2016 For

Posted at 2016-2-3 by Admin

Today, we released a new version of mrt data recovery software. It is now open for downloading. Data number of this version: 160201 Name: mrt data recovery soft

Posted at 2016-1-22 by Admin
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