With the arrival of Chinese New Year, mrt will be in holiday from 21st to 30thJan. mrt wish you a happy Spring Festival!

Posted at 2020-1-19 by Admin

Technical specialist will share with you the knowledge about WD PCB, including the details as to the relevance between USB board and SATA board especially for t

Posted at 2019-11-28 by Admin

This article will i ntroduce a powerful feature in Data Recovery field --- mrt virtual start and demonstrate the complete process. mrt virtual start is a quite

Posted at 2019-11-8 by Admin

Since w e have released mrt latest version in August, it has been so long not to release manual as reference for users as all icons and part of interfac

Posted at 2019-9-29 by Admin

Dear mrt users, kindly notice that mrt Lab will be closed from 30th, August to 2nd, September for our company team building holiday, we will be back on 3rd, Sep

Posted at 2019-8-27 by Admin

August 23 rd , 2019 mrt 21 31 version , version number : 2.1. 3.1 This version adds SSD utility and the activation of SSD utility will cost user another fee

Posted at 2019-8-23 by Admin
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