Dear mrt users, Thank you for your long-term support to mrt! Since 2013, to meet different needs of our customer, mrt has launched online and offline versions,

Posted at 2018-11-14 by Admin

Dear mrt users, Thank you for your long-term support and understanding to mrt ! From mrt online recharge discount starts , mrt users who recharge for more tha

Posted at 2018-11-8 by Admin

When using Win10,some Win10 force enable Secure Boot, the driver will not load properly if it has not been digitally signed by Microsoft WHQL. This is the reaso

Posted at 2018-9-30 by Admin

Video download link mrt software has optimizedits head shield functionin its recent software upgradewhich

Posted at 2018-9-28 by Admin

On August 30th 2018, we released a new version of mrt data recovery software. It is now open for downloading. Data number of this version: It is an off

Posted at 2018-9-27 by Admin

From 31 st August to 4 th September, mrt Lab have a holiday for team building,we went to the beautiful scenery city -- Zhangjiajie, it is in southwest China.Zha

Posted at 2018-9-7 by Admin
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