Menu button: Test - Work with SA - Work with ROM - Rebuild ROM from SA Shortcut button on the main toolbar: Work with ROM - Rebuild ROM from SA Usage: When there is error or damage of ROM or ROM module data, we can read firmware of fault HDD by load

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Launching self-calibration is a good way to repair WD HDDs, this file introduced basic principles and procedures of WD self-calibration. It introduces the operation of launching WD self-calibration, the requirements of launching self-calibration and

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This tool is correct HDDs working state from the angle of memory. When HDD can not be identified because of some head performance, you can use this function to make HDD service recovery to normal working state and report which heads is readable or un

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The difference between blue disk, black disk and green disk of WD Black disk High performance , large cache , fast Fit: enterprises, throughput large server Code: LS WD Caviar Black desktop HDD 2 TB, SATA3 Gb/s, 64MB cache, 7200 RPM suitabl

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WD HDD repair example 2 WD2000EB-00CSF0 repair record WD HDD of 20G can be detected but cant boot. If boot by CD-ROM and doesnt find partition,I couldnt use FDISK partition. WhenI enter DISKGEN and PQ, it reports an error and couldnt partition. It co

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This is a MRT video tutorial case Video tutorial download address: Follow is interpretation text of the video: Hello, it is the first time to videotape for MRT A colleague brings a black disk to repair

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1. WD EB BB series common failing repair Brand model: WD EB BB series common failing repair Breakdown phenomenon: self-test noise normal but cant read and write, it is the common failing of WD now Solution: 1) Use formatting to inner low level format

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