WD 2.1.9.x Firmware Unlocking via MRT Equalizer

 In the previous tutorial "WD 2.1.9.x Firmware Unlock Programmer Solution", we introduced the unlocking method for all 800 series Western Digital hard drives with firmware lock, using a programmer and desoldering approach.

This tutorial will utilize the MRT SATA Equalizer for firmware unlocking, specifically applicable to the following USB and Type-C PCB numbers supported by the product:









Advantages of the MRT Equalizer: eliminates the need for desoldering chip operations, no need to consider data encryption issues, adjustable transmission signal to avoid transmission problems that may arise from the flying-wire method, and the SATA method combined with the Type-C interface makes it more convenient to handle the 190 fault.

MRT Equalizer installation guidance: https://us.mrtlab.com/tech/wdc/353.html

Note: for users with a 5-port card, switch the ATA port connected with MRT Equalizer to SATA 1 mode.

Two-port cards were released earlier, and the development platform is behind the 5-port card, so they do not support adjusting the SATA mode.

if you encounter unstable SATA transmission, such as certain drives experiencing long busy times and signal adjustments being ineffective, it may be necessary to remove the four capacitors(E71 E72 E73 E75). 

In the 2171 version, MRT first created the industry's only unlocking algorithm, and then in the 2191 version, a large number of PCB numbers were added, refer to the family panel:

Firmware unlocking requirements: correct PCB number + ROM size, and when there are multiple families with the same PCB number, choose any one of them.

Note: WD40NMZW USB model with PCB number 800041 does not have firmware lock, and it uses the traditional SED lock mechanism.

Solution: short pins TV9 and TV10 on the PCB to enter WD safe mode, disable 411, power off and on.

Re-enter WD normal mode, remove SED lock in EDIT HDD ID function, then refer to the WD decryption tutorial for decryption:



Tutorial is made based on version 2193, please use the latest version after new version released.

The video method uses physical ROM chip read/write method via MRT SATA Equalizer to handle 2.5 inch USB and Type-C drives.

This tutorial only focuses on ROM unlocking. For the complete processing method of the 190 module, it is necessary to watch it together with the tutorial to be launched in the future, so as to understand the common solution to common failing in this series.




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