WD HDD repair example 1

1. WD EB BB series common failing repair
Brand model: WD EB BB series common failing repair
Breakdown phenomenon: self-test noise normal but can’t read and write, it is the common failing of WD now
Solution: 1) Use formatting to inner low level format. Data will be destroyed and can’t be recovered.
2) Select 1- 2 -1 – 2 to recreate operation, it costs only 10 seconds and you can get whole data.

2. Breakdown performance of WD400EB HDD
A. First cold boot, cmos can’t identify HDD, hot boot again it can identify HDD, it can identify WDC WD400EB, but the capacity only show 8.5G and the number of sectors, heads and so on are fault.
B. My computer is double system of winme and win2k, as slave device, machine self-test identify WD400EB 8.5G,S.M.A.R.T. None in winme system, I couldn’t find slave disk when enter the system. In win2k system, machine can’t continue after self-test energy star logo.
C. Repair by different options of DM universal version and WD DLT software , it has follow cue:
(2)there was a device error reading drive2.absolute sector 0 count 1.
(3)Reading drive 81 I/O Timeout

3. WD CAVIAR 32500、21000 and so on
WD CAVIAR 32500、21000 and so on, the general breakdown performance is it can identify COMS but can’t partition format. The problem could be solved if run inner low level format. I remain you when repair WDC HDDs, you can tested by WDCLERR first, if couldn’t pass, you need to change board and continue to repair.

4. The detail solution of WD EB、AB、BB、JB、AD HDD firmware repair
1. Firstly interface bad HDD with IDE2
2. Not jump to safe module, use beta version of efficiency source to repair twice, no matter success or not.
3. Use ERASE order of MHDD repair all disk twice.
4. Use efficiency source jump WD HDD into safe module and repair once.
5. Use the corresponding module of PC3000V12 to repair HDD
6. Use 1-2-1-2 way to recreate and recover sectors and reboot the computer
7. Check by MHDD to see whether it is normal or not.
8. If it is abnormal, enter the corresponding module of PC3000V12, inner format, choose the second option to repair once.
9. Use the last option called G list and P list to repair once, it is OK.
Follow the way above, you can repair A, S error code shown in MHDD.

5. Repair WD2000EB-00CSF0 record
WD 20G HDD could be identified but can’t boot. Use CD-ROM to boot, no partition, couldn’t use FDISK to partition. Report error when enter DISKGEN and PQ and couldn’t partition. It couldn’t low level format by DM and LFORMAT. So I couldn only use the F4 function of MHDD, it shows all cyan S. Use HDDREG1.3 read for a long time in the first cell. I have no patient and quit to use PC3K, enter the operation processes. Before that you need to jump the HDD jumper to safe model.
1. Firstly scan firmware, after finished it may show some errors
2. Internal low level format, it is the low level format which doesn’t consider G and P, at beginning it low level format slow, and then I lose patience and quit low level format
3. Select the forth menu, it is logical scan defect, doesn’t change any setting and press enter, it turn out to be more than 1000 errors after scan.
4. After finished I quit PC3K and use DM to low level format, it works, but I didn’t low level format and try PQ and DISKGEN, it is no problem to partition and then I try FDISK to partition, it is OK. But it shows bad tracks in FORMAT process. Then I use PC3K again.

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