WD 2.1.9.x T2 Editor with Formatting: Case Study B

Hello everyone, I am William! This tutorial follows the WD 2.1.9.x T2 Editor with Formatting: System Explanation A, reference link:



The tutorial will provide a comprehensive explanation on how to analyze 190 entries and structures, how to test the results of various reconstruction methods, how to use manual selection for reconstruction, and whether to choose the search method for reconstruction.


Due to the complexity of the 190 module failures, the software's algorithms are not yet capable of solving all scenarios, hence the methods and thought processes involved are relatively complex and require multiple viewings to master the techniques before using this feature.


Here are some summaries for everyone:

1. Non-formatted 190 module failures:

Prioritize confirming whether the default expansion method can obtain usable LBA entries. The default expansion method can attempt three reconstruction/rebuilding methods.

When the entries obtained from the default method exhibit the following situations, you must check "Search for all nodes" and can only use Method One and Method Two:

1) Most entries are yellow empty entries.

2) There are only a few green usable entries.

3) The reconstruction report fails.

Note: The 190 module of the 810051 board number does not require the use of the T2 function; if the unprocessed 190 can recognize ID information and access data, the T2 function is also not needed.


2. Formatted 190 failures:

You must check "Search for all nodes" and can only use Method One and Method Two. In most cases, it is necessary to use the manual selection method to test the results obtained from the LBA 0 entry separately.


3. Rules for manual selection of the LBA 0 entry:

Prioritize the reconstruction of green-marked LBA 0 entries, and do not consider yellow entries;

secondly, if there is only one LBA 0 scenario, you can disregard the manual selection method and directly compare the results obtained from different reconstruction methods.


4. When dealing with formatted 190 and obtaining the LBA 0 entry, the following situations render the entry reconstruction invalid:

1) If the original partition is only one and the LBA 0 obtained from the search is the same as the LBA 0 recognized by the default method, the result of the entry reconstruction is invalid.

2) Even if the LBA 0 entry obtained by the search method is different from the LBA 0 entry recognized by default, if there are at least two LBA 0 entries with exactly the same valid data size, and the overall structure of the entries is consistent with the structure of the formatted 190 default recognized entries, it can be confirmed that the LBA 0 entries obtained from the search are most likely updates from the formatted entries after repeated power-on.

This means that the original LBA entries have been replaced by the formatted entries, and the chance of recovering lost data is extremely low.


5. Entry completion issue:

If the next entry of the LBA 0 entry cannot be found, but subsequent nodes are normal, the reconstruction will automatically complete the second entry;

when manually selecting non-LBA 0 entries for reconstruction, whether the missing entries can be completed depends on the reconstruction results.





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