For recently released Seagate Dives, there arises numerous malfunctions (LED / SIM Error / DiagError) caused by yet uncertain factors which at some degree relate to system files. The most complicated malfunction that engineers are agonizing about is

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For both 2-port card and 5-port card you can download from the link above. Here we are going to introduce a completely new tutorial of firmware unlock for Seagate drive, including 2 ways: 1.Auto firmware unlocking. 2.A demonstration of patch feat

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A s we know, Seagate LM ROSEWOOD case is very difficult to repair without any backup. Attention : Here we strongly suggest that engineer needs to try the best to backup original sys file 1B 28 35 first before you deal with rosewood case. (Please be c

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In latest MRT Version we added a completely new feature for LM Rosewood case. Attention: Family ID 8C and A5 have been supported now. More families will be supported in future update. Please refer the link below and watch the video tutori

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Video download link MRT software has optimizedits head shield functionin its recent software upgradewhich enablesustoshield almost any head we want in Seagate generation 14 9YNseries.(have to make

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Use Virtual Start, Get Real Data Video download link: It is common for us to come up against the situation thataSeagate F3serieshard driveseems to be ready but could not operate any commands along w

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Seagate LM series hard drives, such as 8C(LM035), A5(LM048) etc., due to some specific technical reasons of them, once the operation of recalculating translator is done, it will lead to malfunction of user sector access interruption. There is no way

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Full Support for Seagate LM Series There are more and more Seagate hard drives with firmware lock. The so-called firmware lock is that the hard drives can get access to T-level, it can execute a few commands to view hard drives' information, but can

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