ST 2.1.4.x Virtual Start -- Power LED Issue

 For recently released Seagate Dives, there arises numerous malfunctions (LED / SIM Error / DiagError) caused by yet uncertain factors which at some degree relate to system files. The most complicated malfunction that engineers are agonizing about is LED malfunction which according to the malfunction occurrence timing could be divided into LED incurred when powering on HDD; LED reported when reading firmwares; LED reported while fixing firmwares by operations such as translator regeneration and specific repairing command.

Currently, for Seagate the most complicated cases mainly consist of firmware issues of LM series, family ID of which are 8C and A5. Based on our repairing experience in terms of LED issues, there is no effective solution available at present for LED incurred when powering on HDD. In spite of various efforts to eradicate such issue, HDD remains reporting LED , which leads our repair attempt to predicament.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to avail yourself of Virtual Start LED patch, a major breakthrough which aims to skip LED incurred when powering on HDDs of which the firmware ID are 8C and A5.

Such issue described is hereinafter abbreviated as POWER LED.

For LED EE malfunction,there is one type of malfunction that sys file 1D2 is damaged.After such LED patch applied and firmware resource such as sys file is accessible,we can use a donor sys file 1D2 or module 40 and write to patient drive.The rest of procedures is consistent with it in the video.



Demonstration of LED BD :

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