ST 2.1.6.x New ROM Unlocking Tutorial

The tutorial will demonstrate ROM unlocking and restoration in the form of video tutorial. The MRT version we use in the tutorial is

We are going to operate by two methods, in which one uses ordinary method for common models with firmware lock, and the other one is only applied to certain models belonging to supported families.

When there is any unsupported model,please contact our Skype ID: live:mrtpro_1 and live:service_5567.

Notice: Method 1 could be applied with ROM restoration by deleting ROM unlocking code. However, we cannot restore unlocked ROM ,which is achieved by method 2, to source ROM.Therefore,please make backup of original ROM for sure.

The support list by method 2 in version and above is showed as below:






ROM unlocking method 1:


ROM unlocking method 2: 

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