ST 2.1.3.x How to Deal With LM ROSEWOOD Without Backup

As we know, Seagate LM ROSEWOOD case is very difficult to repair without any backup when becoming partial access issue.
Attention: Here we strongly suggest that engineer needs to try the best to backup original sys file 1B 28 35 first before you deal with rosewood case.
(Please be cautious to operate when you do not make the preparation,like directly recalculating translator)

By this preparation we can aviod many other issues. In addition, we advise that engineer should compare both copy 0 and copy 1 of sys file 28 and 35.And save both of them when they are different.
In MRT version we added a brand new feature for LM ROSEWOOD case without any backup.
Attention: the patches can only support for family ID 8C and A5.
Before we use the new feature, we should have a basic understanding of head and drive condition.
The new feature uses the in-RAM-to-repair method to repair partial access issue.So it requires the head can work properly and the drive performs stably so that the drive won’t encounter frequent power reset issue.
Tips:If you have original backup such as sys file 35,please refer the link here:

Please refer the link below and watch the video tutorial: 

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