Repair Seagate first ready after a long busy breakdown by MRT

Repair Seagate first ready after a long busy breakdown by MRT

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Seagate first ready after a long busy breakdown is a common problem. Its performance is when power on, it is ready and read data or executes any ATA command, HDD is always long busy and have no reaction.

The reason of breakdown: When HDD read error data in daemon running of HDD firmware, it leads to firmware system breakdown.
Let’s look at the performance of the breakdown:
Right now, ATA0 interface of MRT link a HDD, it ready when power on, but when enter factory module to load module lists, it is long busy.
We can see it is long busy when identified device.
Then we cancel the process of loading module lists and enter to factory program.
Power on again
After power on enter to COM port module directly.

If there is any problem of this step, please solve other problem firstly to make sure it could enter to COM port T.
Now it could enter to T, then we enter to serial binary model.
Serial binary model has been entered successfully.
If this step failed, firstly test the COM port is normally or not, after all, you need to enter to serial binary model and then you can continue to next step.
Then use MRT’s menu Diagnose-Solution of common problem-Repair HDD first ready after a long busy.
Then let’s repair breakdown of this HDD, press confirm directly, then MRT could repair automatically.

Now it repairs over.
This operation has no side effect on HDD, so you can repeat it.
After that, power off again, power on, you can see the breakdown has been solved.
Quit binary model before power off.

We can see the HDD is ready, long busy of identified device has been solved.
We can know that the function which can solve the problem of first ready after a long busy need to enter serial binary or serial binary BOOT model.
Right now we used by serial binary model, now we use serial binary BOOT model operate again.

Firstly enter to serial binary BOOT model, the processes is:
1. Checked serial binary BOOT model
2. Enter to normal serial binary model

Now it is serial binary BOOT model
You can see “serial binary BOOT” and “serial binary model” menu have been checked.
Then you can use the repair tools just now.
After repaired over, quit serial binary BOOT model before power off. Quit process is:
1. Quit common serial binary model
2. Get rid of checked serial binary BOOT model
In this way, you can quit normally.

Then power on again, the breakdown of first ready after a long busy has been solved.
We enter to ATA model and see user area data.
We can see “This user area data has been emptied” and user sectors can be read normally.


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