ST 2.1.3.x Completely New Tutorial for Firmware Unlock

For both 2-port card and 5-port card you can download from the link above.

Here we are going to introduce a completely new tutorial of firmware unlock for Seagate drive, including 2 ways:

1.Auto firmware unlocking.

2.A demonstration of patch feature in ROM tool which includes adding firmware unlock patch etc.

Before you use these 2 ways,please confirm that family ID is correctly selected.The specific method will be demonstrated in tutorial.

Attention:Please watch the video tutorial completely,in which we will guide you step by step and explain the issue you may encounter when using the feature.Thus,we can avoid some misoperations.

Among the operations,via the first way we manually save system file 1B 28 35 after unlocking firmware.This is extremely important to Seagate HDD repair work.

Via the second way,besides firmware unlock, it also includes deleting patch feature such as deleting firmware unlock patch and virtual boot patch.what you should notice is that this feature can only work for the ROM modified under version and above.For those which had been modified through old version before you cannot restore ROM by this feature.

Below is the link of video tutorial :

Way one:

Way two:


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