Solution of Seagate LM Series’ User Sector Access Interruption

Seagate LM series hard drives, such as 8C(LM035), A5(LM048) etc., due to some specific technical reasons of them, once the operation of recalculating translator is done, it will lead to malfunction of “user sector access interruption”. There is no way to repair such a malfunction after it was being generated, we can only try to backup system files to avoid and restore the hard drives to the status before recalculating the translator. Prevent users to create this malfunction in the beginning is the so-called method to solve “user sector access interruption”.

MRT Lab released its new software (version on 8th, June, 2018. Its Seagate utility can support the read and write of system file. Even though there is no advanced firmware backup, it can also effectively solve “user sector access interruption” malfunction of LM series. Please refer to those following manuals about the principle and solutions to deal with “user sector access interruption”:

Analysis of Seagate Sector Access Interruption

Solutions to Seagate Sector Access Interruption (Part One)

Solutions to Seagate Sector Access Interruption (Part Two)

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