ST 2.1.9.x New AF CF D0 D1 Firmware Unlocking

In the past three years, we have encountered an increasing number of new series products in Seagate's product lineup. These products may use the same or quite close PCB version, such as:

AF-ST1000LM035-1RK172-EB01-WKPRCYNC  100835923 REV A/B

Historically, the PCB number was always REV A. Currently, some products with REV A and almost all products with REV B PCB number cannot read or write ROM by bootcode mode in software. This behavior is exactly the same as the firmware lock observed in Western Digital's 800xx series, which is the result of manufacturers imitating and competing with each other.

The families of drives that have been identified so far include: new AF, CF, D0, D1, C8, D5. MRT has already supported all of them except C8 and D5. Also this tutorial can be applied to the future families to be supported.

For these types of hard drives, one approach that comes to mind is chip desoldering for further processing. This operation is relatively complex, so please watch the tutorial in its entirety to grasp the unlocking principles and procedures.



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