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Video Tutorial of MRT Toshiba HDD Repair Module

t of this option is unselected, ie track MAP files will be read. If MAP files indicate that there is a bad sector, then this bad block will not to be performed write attempt. Skipping these bad blocks or uninitialized sectors can improve writing speed. Numbers of head and track to be written are determined by file name. The format of file name is: track number _ head number. trk .
By default, head and track are written to the track specified by file name.
If you want to write to specified head, then select "write to specified head".
Let us start writing. You can see that block size has a great impact on the writing speed.

If you want to remove the power-up time, service time and other information of HDD, you should clear SMART.
There is HDD running log stored in SMART. After clearing SMART, much information of HDD will come back to factory state.

If you want to clear the password of encrypted HDD, please click “Clear password”.
After clearing password, user data will not be lost, but remain unchanged.

Above are some basic operations of Toshiba module.

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