For Toshiba HDDs, if head breakdown, you can kill head of the HDD, after that, the capacity of HDD will decrease but the rest part can be used normally. It is a common way to repair Toshiba HDDs. Now MRT is support Toshiba HDDs kill head, which make

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Now we connect a HDD, and have a general idea of it by scanning. They are all red blocks scanned because when entering factory program, the HDD was switched to Techno On mode in which user sectors cannot be read. To perform a normal scan, you need t

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Download link of video tutorial: There is a common fault of Toshiba HDDs. That is translator does not work properly when G-List is damaged. In this case, MRT will report errors when accessing sectors.

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Download link: Toshiba module of MRT is used for data recovery and repair of Toshiba HDDs. We connected a Toshiba HDD, and then enter Toshiba module. There are some models of Toshiba HDDs can only read

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