Introduction of MRT Data Recovery Software 20150930 Version

A new version of MRT data recovery software was released on September 30th, 2015. Version number:
Download link of English version: http: //
The software can be used for MRT Pro/Express 2-port card and MRT Ultra 5-port card

This is a comprehensive software upgrade. The new version software fully plays the advantages of MRT hardware cards with better stability of software, including 64-bit driver program of 5-port card & 2-port card and DE file parsing aspects etc. Some functions are also upgraded..

There is no change in MRT main utilities and user registration in this upgrade. Users can still use the MrtKey.txt file of older version. While we made some adjustments for driver program, so users need to re-install driver program. We mainly made some adjustments to improve the stability of data transmission for MRT Ultra 5-port card and the mechanism of opening MRT software simultaneously.
We made significant adjustments for DE utility. The most important upgrade in DE is the fully enhancing the data copy speed, which will benefit users of MRT Express and MRT Ultra. There is the menu button “Enable top-speed mode” in DE data copy interface. It supports real-time enabling or disabling in data copy task. This mode is disabled by default. The copy speed will be largely improved when it is enabled. Due to the restrictions of hardware, MRT Pro/Express 2-port card doesn’t support transmission block size as 2016, while you can still use the function “Enable top-speed mode” to improve the speed. Comparing with the previous version, we fix some infrequent bugs, optimize the data parse function, and fix the memory loss problem. There is a user-friendly interface modification that we add the port occupation info of source device and target device on information bar of DE. For user of MRT Ultra 5-port card, it will be a very practical function. There is also adjustment in operation habit. When there is data copy task, users are not allowed to switch to “read from active MRT utility” mode but can only stop the task and then switch. In the same way, when copying in “read from active utility” mode, users cannot make real-time switch to other mode, but have to stop the task first. While the real-time switch of SATAHIGH and other modes will not be affected. Meanwhile, when top-speed mode is enabled, the “Pause” button will be invalid. In addition, we re-factored the underlying logic of DE utility and optimized some function logic. In future upgrade of DE utility, we will consider about adding support for Linux file system and adding the core data recovery functions in Windows system. Our goal is to make the data recovery capability of DE utility more and more close to that of the world's leading technology. And welcome all MRT users to provide feedback to our products.

There is also a major upgrade for Toshiba module. The new version supports reading/writing firmware in ATA mode for all series of Toshiba. In the family selection panel , there is the option “ATA mode” now. “ATA mode 1” is newly-added. The function of “ATA mode 2” below is the same as before. For new series HDD read in ATA mode, users don’t need to check any mode. For HDD read by terminal COM before, users can check “ATA mode” after selecting family. If reading firmware failed, you can exit and re-enter, then check “ATA mode 2”. These two modes can almost support all Toshiba HDD read by terminal COM. The supported models are more than any similar products.

In MRT WD utility, the function editing RAM head map supports more families. Some functions are also optimized. Please see details in upgrade log .
There are some functions added in ROM programmer tools. It supports 1.8V chip now. Nowadays, the voltage of ROM chip in most Seagate DM003 series is 1.8V, not the commonly-seen 3.3V. Now, the newest ROM programmer tools support selecting chip voltage. If users need to read/write ROM chip of 1.8V, they can go to “Configuration -> Voltage settings” and select corresponding voltage .

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