Brief introduction of MRT laboratory

  Since 2004, MRT laboratory has been devoted to various HDD inner core technologies------firmware structure research, the initiator Shunxue Chen has been accumulated electronic machinery industry superb technologies for 20 years. When he works on HDD industry, he quickly found the right direction of HDD repair, through deep researches to firmware for many years, now he is thoroughly familiar with HDD’s working principle, data structure, address structure and translator. Thus he created the new productions after Maxtor repair software: WD, Hitachi repair software. These softwares own much more praise from users, it helped them with their careers. In the future, MRT will continue to meet market and individuals’ needs to create more HDD repair tools.

   MRT laboratory also provide difficult data recovery for WD, Hitachi note book and Maxtor HDDs. It has the unique technologies for firmware problem which can’t be resolved.    

 Moreover, for software users’ demands, in order to make MRT software’s functions perfectly, we will launch training courses according to the number of trainees. More details please refer to HDD repair training courses. Depending on the powerful supports from users of MRT series HDD repair softwares we will make MRT better as always.

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