History products of MRT laboratory

Have you heard about MRT data recovery software? If yes, you must work on HDD repair field. Back in 2004, MRT Maxtor HDD repair only software recognized by HDD technicians rapidly, so the creator of software, Shunxue Chen was remembered by technicians in this field.

After 5 years, MRT publishes WD, Hitachi HDD repair tools, it seems to be injected with new energy and continue to lead the trend of times.

In 2012, MRT published new data recovery products-----MRT Pro, this version has a firmware repair card, use the more advanced technologies, completely get rid of the limit of former version MRT WH which need to depend on PC3000 to write in HDD firmware. The built-in hardware card could operate HDD firmware absolutely, it has became the banner data recovery products in China.

MRT will continue to meet new challenges and provide users with better services in the future.


History products of MRT laboratory

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