Introduction of MRT Data Recovery Software 20161102 Version

MRT data recovery software has been updated to a new official version on November 2nd, 2016, and the new version number:
Download address of the new version:

MRT has gone through the fifth year with users’ support. In order to reward all the users, MRT has released a significant update recently, with more powerful and more functions! This update is still completely free of charge, while other similar software needs to charge for update. Therefore, using MRT tools will greatly save the users’ cost!
MRT, after years of updating and improvement, now has grown into a powerful and comprehensive professional data recovery tool, with the price less than half of similar foreign products but features and product quality not less. Moreover, MRT has developed a lot of its own unique Functions. All the achievements MRT has gained is bound up with all users’ support and trust.
Decryption of WD USB-encrypted HDDs, which is added in the latest version of MRT software, supports most of the mainstream HDDs, such as WD My Passport series. Using this function, users can decrypt the encrypted HDDs directly in the DE tool and image the data in clear text. We also provide a unique function, retrieving password.  Even if the user forgets the encrypted HDD’s password, he/she can also use MRT software to retrieve the  password. Currently, PC3000 and other tools do not have this function.
MRT Seagate utility now supports unlocking firmware. Some Seagate HDDs, such as DM001 and DM003, can not execute any commands, and Diagnostic Port Locked message is displayed. This is because the firmware area is locked and they can now be unlocked using MRT. The new Seagate ROM fast reading and writing function, makes the speed of reading and writing ROM greatly improved, just more than ten seconds, which is comparable to the speed of the programmer and greatly saves the time of repairing.
DE module now supports task mounting function. Users can directly mount the DE task or image file as a physical disk, which can be provided to the third-party software to be operated on (such as WinHex, R-Studio or DiskGenius, etc.). And DE is responsible for reading data and dealing with bad sectors in the background, greatly increasing the flexibility. In addition, DE utility, coordinated with the latest MRT Ultra controller card, can make the imaging speed up to 460MB/s (SSD testing result ), which is faster than any other similar products currently on the market!
Nowadays, MRT has gradually grown into an excellent product in the field of data recovery. As a professional data recovery tool, MRT always insist on providing users with better products and services. Our development is inseparable from your support!

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