MRT Data Recovery Online Training Course –Second Part

MRT  Data Recovery Online Training Course –Second Part

MRT will launch international online training course on December 18th, 2017 with MRT users’ increasing expectation of getting online training about data recovery and disk repair. This training course includes two parts- Knowledge Explaining and Question & Answer.

Lecturers of the training course are Dale Chen and Nelson Li, they are qualified and experienced technical support engineer. They help MRT global users solve hundreds of different cases with strong academic backgrounds, international exposure and advanced technical skills every month all over the world, so we believe that they will share much unique and useful knowledge with you and help with all people’s success who want to enter data recovery field or who want to improve his skills about data recovery or who want to set up their own in-house data recovery lab.

Training Topics:

1.WD start-up procedures

2.Overview of WD hard disk

3.What to do when hard disk is not ready and can not get to T level

4.Method of repairing bad sectors

Time Duration: 14:00~17:00  GMT+8:00  December 18,2017

Address: Online

Capacity: 30 participants

Payment term: free of charge




Tips for this training course

1.Download link of application form:

Please fill in application form and then send this form to our

2.It is highly recommended that you can learn concerning knowledge before you join in this training course, so we will share some concerning course knowledge before training course.

We will share the abstract of the concerning knowledge before the training course .

3.It is highly recommended that you can prepare your questions before you join in this training course.

4.It is highly recommended that you can try some corresponding data recovery tools before you join in this training course。 MRT Lab recovery data tool is good choice

Registration is open now.

MRT Lab look forward to your inquiry about this training course.

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