Introduction of MRT Data Recovery Software 20170705 Version

MRT data recovery software has been updated to a new official version on July  5th, 2017, and the new version number:
The new version of the download address is:
Both Ultra and Express can download from the address above.

This upgrade integrates bin resource files into dll resource, the installation package has three more modules resource dll files.
Some known issues are optimized in both Western Digital utility and database utility ,such as crashes caused by online ARCO using ID to load microcode , failure for some Seagate hard disk when  backup firmware to the database ,etc. The user experience will be more smoothly in the future.

Samsung utility has fully optimized the related functions with defect list and translator. Any update of S list (including the reconstruction of the S list, A list to S list, edit the defect list to write)in the program will timely update 9D,CONGFIG and other modules, so that the added defect records can take effect when power turn off and then turn on. At the same time, the upgraded Samsung utility can docking with the LBA defect list scanned by the scanner, so you can easily use the MRT scan list table to deal with bad sectors. However, it is better to backup firmware when you edit the defect list, then you can easily restore the firmware at any time. A list clear function in this upgrade supports more new series, more hard disk startup problems caused by A list problems can be solved. In addition, read and write ROM function in this upgrade supports more families, and it is  compatible with more newer hard drives and has better performance. Users should pay attention that some failure disk with slow response problem may cause ROM writing failure, users should properly extend the ATA timeout value to avoid the failure.

As for Seagate utility, adding bad sectors to G-list retains the original analytical methods, but also increase more accurate way to make G list more accurate and efficient. At the same time, the 03 module reading has been optimized, partial damage of 03 module will lead to 03 module read failure, the new 03 module read method will ignore the read error as much as possible to read 03 module, the function is  in the "Tools -> track backup and restore -> service area ABA read".  We provide ABA address(including Copy0, Copy1) and sector size of common 11st and 12nd HDDs. Check "error to continue" and "try to read the physical address when ABA failure ", the integrity of data extraction can be highly improved. Other modules data extraction also support the way through check on , it should be noted that the "initial service area ABA" corresponds to "Loc" in the system file list, and "read sectors" corresponds to "Size (byte unit) in the system file list ", the byte size should be converted to the sectors numbers (sector number = byte size / 512)。This upgrade also optimized the debug function, greatly increased the practicality of this function, the new version supports editing by double-click any single adaptation parameters, improving the convenience when editing some data of certain zone in certain head. Users needn’t have to manually save it , the program supports automatic preservation. Some details has been added this time, users can configure ldr by the SGT-F3CreateLDR.ini configuration file in the installation package, the directions is in the ini file. The high baud rate settings of family 0x87,0x8C, 0x9B in BootCode mode also support in this upgrade. This upgrade supports the firmware unlock and virtual start of 94 family, PC3000 does not support the firmware unlock of this family .

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