★ FAT16 storage principle: When a portion of the disk space the file system is formatted as fat, fat file system partition will be assigned as a regional block plan to store in the data. In general, divided form in Figure 7. We extracted the FAT1

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4.3 FAT tables and data storage principles. Table FAT (File Allocation Table file allocation table), is a chain structure for Microsoft Disk data (files) indexing and positioning the introduction of the FAT file system. If the disk compared to a boo

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Four, FAT partition principle. First to a structure: We now focuses on the FAT partition data format of how the store. MICROSOFT first FAT partition format is supported partition format, according to the median FAT table for each share of cluster c

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First, the hard physical structure: Hard disk to store data is based on electric and magnetic conversion principle be achieved. By one or more hard disk coated with a magnetic head and the associated control circuit on both sides of the material di

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