Solution for Available System Memory Loss in the Process of File Image

[Scene Description]
Use FILE IMAGE as the target device for data recovery mirroring in DE (or DR). Change the initial LBA in the mirroring process. Then continue mirroring. In some cases, available system memory loss or even suspended animation may occur.

[Cause of the Problem]
This is a system API function bug of Microsoft. The function name is FlushViewOfFile (). Under certain circumstances, calling this function may fail. Error code 33. The consequence is that data of system cache cannot be written to disk in time, causing the cache cannot be released. At this time, memory usage of MRT application does not increase, but available system memory will decrease. When calling this function frequently fails, available system memory will decrease to zero and eventually cause suspended animation of system.

For detailed information, please refer to Microsoft official document:
http: //

1. In Win7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 system, please download and install the patch file provided by Microsoft.
Download link:

If the above download link fails, you can click on the link below to download from the MRT data recovery website:

After extracting, the file name is Windows6.1-KB2731284-v3-x86.msu. Please restart the computer after the installation.
After patching, calling FlushViewOfFile () function failure will no longer cause decrease of available system memory.

Note: There may be a pause of several minutes in the mirroring process of DE, which is normal. This is due to the blockage of function itself and there is unknown system processing ongoing. Wait for a while, then mirroring will continue automatically.

2. In XP, or other systems, we suggest you not to use FILE IMAGE as target device for mirroring as Microsoft does not provide corresponding patch.

If you need to conduct mirroring in this way, we suggest you not to change the initial LBA arbitrarily or conduct reverse copy. Try to copy from beginning to end.

When mirroring after changing the initial LBA, if you find the available system memory decreases continuously, please pause or stop the copy. Wait for 5-10 minutes, and then proceed. At this time, generally the system will automatically reclaim cache.

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