Manual positioning files from NTFS file system I believe many of my friends in the books carefully read data recovery on NTFS file system after about a series of attributes, more or less confused some norm. Indeed, NTFS file system structure is mor

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NTFS data recovery sample Specific failures of data loss: drive of the three zones in an accident after a disk crash prompted (the first two areas are normal) prompted unformatted (in fact, most of my friends know that maybe this time the problem

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Chapter One Introduction NTFS is with the Windows NT operating system produced, called NT File System, Chinese word for NT file system, now is the windows operating system in the main class format the partition. Its advantage is security and stabil

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Here is a FAT32 root directory: 00000000 54 45 53 54 34 20

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Nine, head record structure Directory where the sector, with 32 Bytes are divided into one unit, each unit is called a directory entry (Directory Entry), that is, the length of each directory entry is 32 Bytes. Short said the definition of FAT32

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Seven, FAT table structure FAT table (File Alloacation Table) is the number of clusters in the data correspond to the list. File system allocates disk space allocated by cluster. Thus, when the file occupies disk space, but the basic unit is not b

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四、 分区引 导扇区 Fourth, the district cited guide sector Often called the boot sector, Microsoft called sector 0 (0 th Sector), we know by the previous description, called sector 0 is not correct, so it is easy to misunderstand the most disk in front

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FAT file system summary MBR : Master Boot Record (MBR) DBR : DOS Boot Record (DOS boot record, partition boot sector is located) BPB : BIOS Parameter Block (BIOS Parameter Block) FAT : File Allocation Table (File Allo

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