New Product Launch! MRT Programmer with USON Base

At the beginning of 2024, we introduced to you a phased research outcomea compact and stylish programmer expansion tool. For more details, please refer to:

New Idea! Demonstration of Phase Achievements of MRT Expansion Tool:

Today We Officially Launch This Product: MRT Programmer USON Base.

Based on the MRT Programmer version 3.0, we have developed the MRT Programmer USON Base by extending its physical capabilities. The dimensions of the USON Base are 4×3 mm.

The meticulous hard drive recovery engineer has likely already dealt with the hard drive shown in the image above. Merely observing the chip's appearance can confirm the following facts:

1) The leadless design rules out third-party ROM probe solutions;

2) Compared to the traditional eight-pin chip packaging process, the smaller volume and dimensions also limit physical reading methods, which means that relying on conventional programmer bases is ineffective;

3) Traditional ROM chips use a single-chip solution, but the new series of mechanical hard drives in the current product line have integrated a new QFN (Quad Flat No-leads) packaging process, equipped with two ROM chips as the storage solution. This indicates that this scheme is the wave of the future, and we must keep up with the development of such hard drives;

4) We have seen the new series of Seagate consumer-grade hard drives, which can no longer directly access the ROM through the Bootcode mode in software. Most of these dual-chip schemes have also continued to use this mechanism. 


Based on the above considerations, we have conducted extensive testing and design and have finally confirmed the product solution, which is the MRT Programmer USON Base. The reference design drawing is as follows:

Advantages of the MRT Programmer USON Base (4×3 mm) are evident:

① Minimalist Design, Streamlined Operation: Exquisite and compact in appearance, it seamlessly integrates with the MRT Programmer 3.0 without the need for replacement.

② Software Experience is more Convenient: Its read and write operations are identical to the normal use of the MRT Programmer.

③ Outstanding Cost-effectiveness: As a secondary expansion tool, its affordable price is undoubtedly a product that is very people-friendly for engineers in this industry.

④ User Priority, Market Leadership: MRT has been deeply involved in the hard drive field for many years, well understanding the difficulties faced by practitioners. It continues to bring new products that are practical and can truly solve the pain points in work, creating new functions and experiences for the first time. Currently, there are rare devices on the market that can support reading and writing ROMs of hard drives using this type of packaging technology.

Appearance showcase of the MRT Programmer USON Base (4×3 mm):

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