MRT Ultra is a new design of MRT Lab launched with brand new framework. Which the first data recovery tool to adopt PCIE2.0 interface in the world. MRT Ultra is dedicated for high quality, high speed and perfect user experience, which can be classifi

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For vast majority of MRT usersdemand, MRT Lab hold ninth training session in Chengdu from 28th October 2015 to 30th October 2015. This session focuses on common technical problems which MRT clients encounter and sharing MRT software usage skills so t

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MRT Lab heldthe first data recovery online training course on September 29th, 2015. This session gained active attention from many global applicants after the news was released. Only20 participants wereaccepted to ensure the course to be effective an

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MRT will launch the first MRT training course on September 29th, 2015 with MRT users increasing expectation of getting online training about data recovery and disk repair. This training course includes two parts- Knowledge Explaining and Question Ans

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New version of MRT Data Explorer Operation Manual is releasd now to make our respected clients know more about functions for MRT DE. The Manual consists of three parts- function introduction of DE , operation procedure of DE and FAQ. Hope this operat

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MRT Lab is excited to announce its new partnership with RECOVERY DATA, bringing its world-renowned MRT HDD Repair and Data Recovery tools to Korea. RECOVERY DATA, located in Seoul the capital city of Korea, will provide one-stop solutions for purchas

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MRT successfully held the first international HDD repair and data recovery training session in Wuhan, China from Wednesday, April 22nd to Sunday, April 26th 2015. The five-day training course offered the first opportunity for international MRT data r

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MRT Lab held MRT Ultra series new product release meeting and 5th data recovery training session in Wuhan on Nov. 21th, 2014. This event gathered over 1 hundred peers from all over China. We witnessed the release of MRT Ultra and shared the latest ne

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