The Second MRT Data Recovery Training on Aug.29, 2013

      The second MRT Data Recovery Training was held on Aug.29, 2013. The training course was hosted by MRT Lab. Mr. Shunxue Chen, the founder of MRT Lab gave the lessons. Through 4 days’ training, trainees learned the firmware structure of hard disk and the senior principle of firmware data recovery, it increased technology level of firmware data recovery significantly and make trainees easier to deal with difficult data recovery.

      The  MRT data recovery training courses expand senior contents of the field compare to the first senior training course. It perfected the module of combines theories and practices. Through theory teaching and trainees’ practice led by Mr. Chen, they had a deep understanding from theory to practice. During the training, many trainees brought user data disks. Through field guide, most of the hard disks are recovered data successful.

     This training class was highly appreciated by the students as ever. MRT Lab will work harder to provide excellent technology to data recovery industry.

Pictures of training courses:

Time: From 29th August to 1st September, 2013

Content level of data recovery courses: senior (It is applies for person who has some understructure and experience.)

 Mr. Chen is teaching Seagate data recovery technology: 

Trainees are watching MRT technician using factory tools to operate hard disk brought by trainees:学院正在聚精会神的观看Mrt技术人员使用工厂工具对学员自带盘进行实战操作       

Trainees of the second MRT data recovery course:


 The Second MRT Data Recovery Training on Aug.29, 2013


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