MRT Lab held the first MRT data recovery (advanced) training on Jul.18, 2013. After 5 days training, the students learnt the firmware structure of HDD and advanced theory of data recovery, which will be of great use in their work. Jul. 18 -- Jul. 22

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In June, 2013, MRT Lab and Nanjing WD Technologyhostedthe data recovery training course jointly in June, 2013. There is abundant teaching content and detailed practical instruction in the training. It gains much favourable comment from trainees. Thro

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Firmware Repair of HDD Data Recovery Technology 1. Summary: Data recovery techniques can generally be divided into three levels: logical level, firmware level and physical layer. Logic level focuses on the data recovery in file system level. There ar

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The following describes MRT WH released by MRT Lab in 2009. This producthas beenout of market. Now we provide it to users of MRT Pro free of charge. Download link can be seen in the product column. I. Introduction HDD industrys long-awaited WD Hitach

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MRT Seagate and Hitachi disk repair software exhibition was held in Dec., 2012.Over 120 hard disk specialists attended the meeting. During the 5 days, their enthusiasm was far beyond our imagination and left us a deep impression. Thank you very much.

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MRT Lab held an exhibition in Beijing in Jan. 2010. Although the weather was freezing cold, many peers in HDD industry went to attend this meeting. We deeply appreciate their attendance.

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In June, 2009, the founder of MRT Lab Shunxue Chen was invited to OGID company in Tokyo to teach data recovery lessons. .

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MRT data recovery website is officially established on May.9, 2013. MRT data recovery website mainly provides materials of data recovery and HDD repair. It collects all kinds of materials, tutorials and tools in data recovery industry with the aim of

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